Do you think your cool enough for your teenager?

30 Apr


A Middle Eastern woman with her daughter-in-lawI was walking in the mall with Jillian, now 24, and in front of us was a mom with a young teenage daughter, around age 13. The daughter was about 2 feet in front of her mother, and was acting like she wasn’t with her. My daughter and I both laughed. She said “Oh Mom, do you remember when I used to do that”. And I said “I sure do!”. Those were the days when, as a mother, I wasn’t cool, and for that matter, at 13, not many adults were. I soon realized that many teens exhibit this behavior.  It was comforting to know that it wasn’t just me that wasn’t allowed to hug my child or give her a kiss on the cheek in public. Of course, Jillian out grew that stage and a couple years later we were walking arm in arm through the mall once again.


That memory got me thinking about those teenage years so I put together a list of  10 ways you know you have a teenager in the family. I hope you get a kick out of it.


1) You know you have a teenager when you look in their bedroom and it looks like the room has been robbed and ransacked. Clothes and other items are everywhere.


2) You know you have a teenager when you invite your child and their friends to go to the movies and they insist you go to a different movie.


3) You know you have a teenager when your child signs you up for a reality show to teach you how to dress.


4) You know you have a teenager when they don’t like anything you buy for them for their birthday, Christmas, or any other ocasion.


5) You know you have a teenager when it looks like gremlins have been in the kitchen and have eaten everything in sight.


6) You know you have a teenager when  you are longer welcomed to volunteer in the classroom or show up with lunch at the cafeteria.( Orders from  your child.)


7)  You know you have a teenager when your children are complaining that there bored all of the time even though they have all of the newest electronic games and computer rigmarole available.


8) You know you have a teenager when there seems to be a phone growing out of the side of their head or the tip of their fingers..


9)  You know you have a teenager when you find a sign on their door that says “no children allowed” or “Enter at your own risk”.


10) You know you have a teenager when your child keeps telling you  “You just don’t understand me. Times have changed since you were young.” (like it was all that long ago.)


I was trying to be funny with my top 10 but the truth is that teens need their parents and they need to their parents to understand them and show them love and affection. It’s important to stay involved. Many parents are trying to parent on their own and the added stress of separation or divorce makes it even more difficult to bond with teens. I encourage you not to give up and keep trying to fit in their life. They’ll thank you for it later. I found this article interesting; “Why is it so hard for parents to understand their teenagers?” I hope it helps you. I wish I’d read this when I had two teenager girls in the house!


We would love to hear about your experiences with your teens! Maybe you can shed some light on the subject for the rest of the parents  who still have those wonderful teenage years to look forward to.


Thanks for reading. Spend some time with your teen today!!




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