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Depression and exercise

Divorce is tough on everyone especially the children involved, who often experience depression and anxiety. It is important to stay engaged with your children and talk openly and honestly about their feelings. Depression can lead to other behavioral problems and even suicide if left untreated.

I found a great article on WebMD that talks about depression and how research has shown that exercise helps children and adults cope: . The article goes on to describe how exercise can improve self-esteem by releasing chemicals called endorphins.  These endorphins trigger a positive and energizing feeling in the body and it reflects in their outlook on life.

When I was a kid I had so many fun memories of playing outside with my sisters and friends. We would ride bikes, play kickball or tag and run along the river bank tossing stones for hours. My mom could hardly get us to come home and eat dinner because we never wanted the fun to end. Life was easy. At the end of the day we were tired and always slept good. We didn’t have time to feel down.

I know that times have changed since I was a child. Many children are being raised in single parent homes. Families that have two parents in the home have parents that are working full-time jobs (sometimes more than one each) just to make ends meet. Bullying and peer pressure is more common than ever. Many extended families are separated by long distances.  Kids have a lot of pressure on them and are often faced with adult problems. Between the pressure, televisions with thousands of stations, video games, mobile phones, etc…it is no wonder that kids prefer to stay inside to play games rather than going outside to play.

How do we get our kids to be more active? Let’s get back to nature. Better yet, let’s get our kids outside for some rough-and-tumble playing and fun. Let’s get the laughter going and see if your kids don’t have a happier outlook on their lives. I also recommend some play time for you too! How about a game of tag, kickball, soccer, catch or just some good old-fashioned hide and seek? What were your favorite games as a child? Teach your child to enjoy it too!

Share your family’s story with us at! We want to know how you keep your family active.

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Different Yet The Same Family

My family was on vacation here in Florida a couple of months ago and we spent our time at a resort. We had a great time together reminiscing about our childhood and sharing memories with my nieces, my daughter and some friends.

It became apparent very quickly that my sister and I had two totally different experiences in our family as we were growing up. Neither of us could agree on events that happened over 40 years ago and an argument between us didn’t solve anything.

I feel bad that my sister feels the way she does about our childhood. I wish she shared in the warm memories I have of growing up in our home. I can’t take away her hurt. I can’t even change the way she feels about the past.  All I can do is listen. She is my sister and I do care about what she has to say. It was important to me to not  to dismiss her feelings just because I did not experience the same things as a child. Like families do sometimes, we agreed to disagree about some of the memories we shared. And, our relationship is as strong as ever.

After that week, I began to think about how two people could grow up in the same house and have such different memories. Did she have a painful experience? Did my parents treat her differently? Did she have different level of sensitivity than me? Is it just a difference in perception? A glass half full vs glass half empty outlook? What can parents do to prevent this dynamic happening in your family?

There is no right or wrong answer. Sometimes it is individual perception and other times it is simply different personal experiences due to gender, age, role in family, personality and any other factors that may have impacted the home or their life. No one is perfect, we all make mistakes as parents. You cannot control what your children take from their childhood.  You can’t pick what memories they will carry forward into their own adult lives.

What you can do is this:
–love them unconditionally
–be patient with them
–be fair (equal punishment for equal behavior)
–be sensitive to their individual needs (every child is different)
–say sorry when you are wrong
–enjoy their youth (children grow fast)

Many professionals say that for every unkind word or experience your child may have, it takes 9 positive words or experiences to erase the 1 bad. Thus the phrase, kid gloves. Treat your children with kid gloves. Make each child like they have a special relationship with you. They will appreciate that individual time with you. I wish my mom had done that with me. Above all, teach them to love their siblings and parents unconditionally by modeling that behavior in your own home. Give your children all the emotional tools they need to grow up and go on to have wonderful, fulfilling lives of their own with childhood memories they will cherish forever.

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Co-written by: Erika Rossi-Raia

Visit us on our official website at My Turn Your Turn is a co-parenting website designed to help organize families and improve communication between co-parents sharing children due to divorce or separation.  Specializing in co-parenting tools and shared parenting resources including an online custody calendar,  online divorce journal, child support tracker and more for blended families, single parents and high conflict divorce cases.


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Press Release: New Website Launched for My Turn Your Turn

Orlando, FL ( September 12, 2012 — My Turn Your Turn, LLC is proud to announce the official launch of their new website ( Developed by Right Brain Media, the purpose of the website is to introduce the company and showcase the positive co-parenting management system being used by My Turn Your Turn families nationwide.

The bright, user-friendly website was designed to help organize mothers, fathers and step-parents that share children with a co-parent. It offers organizational features, positive parenting blogs, communication tools, family calendars, journaling and allows users to store important medical, legal and family information in one central location. Parents can choose to share or mark private entries with a co-parent and have the option to print or email documents to their attorneys or family providers from the website.

“Since going through my divorce over 10 years ago, it has been my passion to create a tool that helps other parents deal with the complex issues of separation, divorce, custody and co-parenting.” Tracy Taylor, CEO/Founder of My Turn Your Turn says “I hope that the website helps take the stress out of co-parenting and inspires these families to stay connected.”

Key Features

• Manage your family’s schedule and expenses

• Journal important memories

• Upload documents and photos

• Share or mark private entries with a co-parent or attorney

• Store your family’s important information in one central location

• $8.99/per month per parent

• Free Co-parent(s) through November 30, 2012

• No software installation required

• Accessible by smart phone, tablet or PC

• Want to learn more? Check out our FREE 30-day trial at

About My Turn Your Turn

Founded in 2011, My Turn Your Turn was created by Tracy Taylor based on her own experiences as a divorced mother and step-mother having to navigate the court system, custody schedules and personal challenges of divorce. My Turn Your Turn is committed to providing families the tools they need to stay organized and connected.


Right Brain Media, Inc (RBM.TV), founded in 2002, is a pioneer in web technology offering products, services and solutions to businesses, ministries and non-profit organizations worldwide. RBM.TV uses cutting edge technology to create custom solutions for clients to propel their businesses forward.

PR Contacts

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My Turn Your Turn, LLC
Orlando FL 32801
407-901-3635 (PH)

Tracy Taylor, CEO/Founder
My Turn Your Turn, LLC
Orlando FL 32801
407-901-3635 (PH)


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